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Officer Election Guide: Procedures

Every Spring Phi Alpha Delta holds one day of elections to fill both our Executive Board and Chair positions 


Executive Board Positions:


Vice President




Committee Chair Positions:

Philanthropy Chair

Fundraising Chair

Social Chair

Social Media Chair

Professional Development Chair


To apply for a position listed above, each member must fill out this application and submit it to no later than March 12th, 2024. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the elections will be held in a virtual format. 

Each candidate will email a brief speech and the general membership will vote online. Voting will open on Tuesday, March 19th and conclude on Tuesday, March 26th. 


After speeches, all candidates must leave the room and each officially inducted member will be allowed on the ballot. They will select only one person per position and anonymously submit the ballot to the front. The ballots will be counted by a third party (academic advisor or alumni representative) to be counted. Once counted, the current president will announce official winning positions.


After all newly elected board members have been announced, each will be officially sworn in by the current executive board. If there is only one candidate running for any of these positions, they must still fill out an application, give a speech and be elected by the membership. In case of a tie, the existing president and academic advisor will cast the winning vote.


For questions, comments and concerns email:

Upcoming Events:


1/17/23 - Dean Andrew Strauss & 3L Justin Elkin – University of Dayton School of Law

1/24/23 - Assistant Dean of Admissions Lauren Burkhart & 1L Jordyn Tye – Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

1/31/23 - Assistant Dean of Admissions Christina Arteaga  University of Washington School of Law & Kelsey Cloud – University of Washington Law graduate & Attorney

2/7/23 - Initiation Ceremony

2/14/23 – Dexter Smith – Assistant Dean of Admissions – Emory University School of Law, Atlanta Georgia

2/21/23 – Diane DeJesus – Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Experience – University of Georgia School of Law, Athens Georgia

2/28/23 – Sarah Keiski – Assistant Dean of Admissions & Jessica Mason 3L –
University of Oregon School of Law 

3/7/23 - Tuesday Talk with Tracy Simmons Assistant Dean – Admissions, Diversity Initiatives; Financial Aid Michael Chavez – Director of Admissions – University of San Diego School of Law, San Diego, CA


3/14/23 – Tuesday Talk with Susanne Vasic Corporate Counsel – CC Industries – Chicago, Illinois

3/21/23 - Tuesday Talk with Pamela Civins – CU Boulder Peace Corps Representative

4/11/23 - Tuesday Talk with Claire O’Brien – Director of Admissions – Washington University School of Law – St. Louis, Missouri

4/18/23 – Tuesday Talk with Alisa Leonard – Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid– Boston University School of Law – Boston, MA

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