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Phi Alpha Delta members with Dean Jobson of Harvard Law School

The University of Colorado Boulder's chapter of Phi Alpha Delta prides itself on its commitment to maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment. While we encourage any University of Colorado Boulder student who is interested in law school to become a member of Phi Alpha Delta, our Tuesday Talks are open to all.  ​ All new members must create an account on Phi Alpha Delta's international website and pay a one time fee of $125. However, we do not want finances to deter any CU Boulder students from joining, and arrangements can and will be made for those who are unable to pay the international fee. In addition, the fee for new and returning members is $50 at the beginning of each semester.  ​ While we do not specify a number of events members need to attend to remain in good standing, we expect and encourage members to attend Tuesday Talks as often as they can and participate in at least one philanthropic and social event each semester. 

Judge Jackson: United States District Court of Colorado


Dean Jobson: Chief Admissions Officer for Harvard

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